Flash Photography Fundamentals by Wayne Fulton

This content is Copyright © 2010 by Wayne Fulton, I´m sharing as a mention of an important study and subjects for advanced or enthusiast photographers, I consider this articles a very useful resource of theory and learning.

Flash Nikon SB-900 SB-700

Flash Fundamentals – Four Fundamentals We Must Know


Other topics that I consider important and interesting subjects:

How Light Meters Work

45 Degree Portrait Lighting Setup

Nikon Commander Remote Wireless Flash System

Comparing properties of speedlights vs studio lights

Methods to Trigger Flashes

Tenth-stop Table – f-stop, shutter speed and ISO in third and half stops.

Nikon TTL history – TTL, D-TTL, iTTL

Speed of flash units for High Speed Photography


Many thanks to the author for the comprehensive theory and study presented in this articles.

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